Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Oldiesdartixx....

Friends you like rainbow in my heart
Although we do not have such a beautiful rainbow colors
However, the difference between us is not a barrier
With these differences we complement each other
And making it perfect

Friends, time when we are together there will always be in my heart
Our time together will never be bought
Your smile is happiness for me
Your tears is a sadness for me

It is almost 3 years later with you
During that we share & give
Soon we will be separated
I want to when that time comes you always remember our time together

Actual weight to leave my friends
But I am not aware of separation from the end of everything
Friends, I was pleased to know yourself
Since then, my life like the beautiful rainbow colored
I love you my Oldiesdartixx

(puisinya yang buat si egi pas lagi ujian baca puisi bhs indonesia gitu trus gue translate jadi inggris maaf ya kalo rada belepotan inggrisnya harap maklum:p, especially for xx)

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