Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Baby since the day you came into my life
You made me realize that we were born to fly
You showed me everyday new possibilities
You proved my fantasies of love could really be

I aint never had anyone make me feel this way
And my heart is sure it wants to be with you
Wanna to give you the whole world

you're the reason
that i'm smilin all the time
you are my sunshine
even if it starts to rain
i'll be alright
cuz i got my sunshine

Am I running from myself
Or is it my selfishness
Oh how I miss you

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing never that bad that we would be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together

I will be all that you want and get myself together
'Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day and make everything okay

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do

I know i misbehaved
And you made your mistakes
And we both still got room left to grow
And though love sometimes hurts
I still put you first
And we'll make this thing work
But I think we should take it slow

I told him you are the man of my dreams
You saved me from drowning in the streams
I know we’re really gonna last forever, and ever

Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me and honestly
My life would suck without you

As each morning brings sunrise
And the flowers bloom in springtime
All my love you can rely
And I'll stay with you

You are the best damn thing
I love you, Finsa Hoetama Putra

*tebak ada lagu apa aja? hehehe.


OH GOD! had been so long I don`t update this blog. wohooo mari dimulai dengan bismillahirrahmanirrahim. demiapapun gue bingung mau nulis apaan sebenernya hmm... cukup sekian dan terimakasih.