Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sometimes there’s nothing to say. Sometimes silence expresses more than words. Sometimes, you just can’t tell anybody how you really feel. Not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you can’t trust them but because you can’t find the right words to make them understand.

Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. you have to know that you’re a good person & a good friend. What’s meant to be will end up good & what isn’t, wont. Relationships are worth fighting for, but sometimes you cant be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don’t, you must just move on & realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize great things when they come around & don’t lose something real. Whoever said, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is wrong, because you know exactly what you have when you have it. You just don’t know how much you need it until you can’t have it anymore. Always fight until you cant anymore, & then be fought for.

I keep wondering where did I go wrong. Maybe I didn’t go wrong at all. Maybe things are going to turn out the way they’re meant to and nothing’s going to stop them. Some things are easy to control and work out. But some things you just have to let go. So instead of asking why it turned out like this, I should accept that it is how it is.

There is no way to change it, but I can love it.
I want to love it

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