Friday, February 4, 2011

when words fail music speaks

I know that you still haven't found you
And when I wanna stand on my own too
Suddenly you start to show signs of what is possible

Then you're back to your ways and I let me down
Tell me why I keep tryna stay around

When all my family, they always tellin' me be through with you
And I know that deep down I'm calling time on you, on you

Every time I'm ready to leave
I seem to be pullin' in the wrong direction,
Divin' in with no protection
And you can't keep steering me wrong, oh gravity

Pulling me back, pulling me in
Why you pulling me back, pulling me in?
Just like gravity, gravity, gravity, gravity, gravity, gravity

Be quiet, let me leave, let me go, don't say another word
'Cause with every sound you're pullin' me down
Baby, you got a hold on me like gravity

-Gravity, Pixie Lott

You freakin me out. unpredictable.

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